Hello Friends,

What a grand time to be in Oklahoma City. Every single thing about this town seems just drenched in hope. Could you have imagined such a thing 10 years ago? Or five?

Every good city magazine is a love letter. We at Territory are pretty sweet on the hard-working, ingenious, resilient people of OKC. If there is a more supportive, creative, entrepreneurial community in America, we don’t know it.

Territory is a city guide. It’s meant to last you a bit. Every issue we gather some of the best things to experience in OKC right now. If only we had twice as many pages, because we could easily fill them with amazing things to do and people to meet.

We publish Territory quarterly.

Territory is organized by neighborhood district, for easier use. Also, Territory is smaller so that you can carry it around.

We need you to know something else: Territory most definitely is not advertorial. What's "advertorial?"

Other publications in OKC publish stories that look like independent journalism, but are actually paid for by the advertisers. We've seen a sharp rise in this practice. Are magazines recommending a dress, a florist, a restaurant because it's actually great? Or because an advertiser paid the magazine to include them?

Our editorial stories are completely independent of advertising. There is no pay-to-play in these pages. We think too much of you—and ourselves—to do it any other way.

That said, our advertisers are kind of amazing. Territory is only open to the highest quality local, independent businesses. Our motto: no chains, no cheese. We present them to you as “art ads,” to create a look book for OKC with every page.

Thank-you so much, Oklahoma City, for making Territory a reality. We hope we did you proud.

Veronica Pasfield, Editor & Trey McNeill, Publisher